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Dr Tyson Bradford Testimonials

Since receiving treatment from Dr. Bradford, I have finally found relief after years of suffering from recurring neck and back pain, and sciatica. After a few short months of adjustments, I find that I am feeling much better and my pain is decreasing. Now, I find myself doing things that would have seemed impossible a few months ago; my overall health and well-being is vastly improved.

- J.G.

After years of suffering with foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis and failed treatments by podiatrists, I decided to consult Dr. Tyson Bradford. He is very friendly and knowledgeable, and was able to treat my feet with chiropractic care and the use of cold laser treatment. The results have been phenomenal. After treating me and fitting me with orthotics, I am practically pain free! I whole heartedly recommend him because he has helped me so much. I'm extremely glad I made the decision to be treated by Dr. Bradford. He has truly made a difference in the health and well-being of my feet!

- J.M.

I was suffering with chronic lower back and knee pain that was affecting my ability to run and live an active life style. After only a few visits, Dr. Bradford made my pain go away. I now function at a higher level and run without pain. I feel better and healthier than ever. Thank you Dr. Bradford.

- J.L.

I first came to see Dr Bradford for neck pain. After a series of treatments, my neck pain was gone and my neck functions a lot better now. I am very impressed with the skills and knowledge he has as a chiropractor.

- E.J.

I have to start out by saying I never intended to go to a chiropractor. I hate it when people crack their knuckles and I hate it even more when someone cracks any of my bones… So after saying this, I am surprised to be writing this letter of recommendations for Dr. Bradford.

It started when I was working at Curves and, one day, Dr. Bradford was showing a little gadget called a cold laser, which he said could help with body pains. I have lower back pain that has been with me for four years now and I had a ruptured disc that needed to be repaired. Even though the surgery was considered a success, and I was very happy with the results, I still had strength issues and sometimes the pain would flare up.

I asked Dr. Bradford if the cold laser would help me. I had been standing in the circuit for about one hour and my back was hurting; I could never stand for longer than an hour before my back would begin to ache. He said yes, he could help me, and right there at Curves, he treated my back. After he left, I was skeptical and started back to work. I couldn’t believe that I was able to stand in the circuit for the rest of my shift, which was for three more hours. I was amazed, to say the least. I called Dr. Bradford and made an appointment.

I went for 10 cold laser treatments and with each treatment, my back got stronger. At first I still had a little pain every so often, but by the end of the treatments, I was able to play tennis, volleyball, and work at Curves without pain.

I recently started playing pool, and was feeling so great that I forgot to bend at the knees when shooting. I was noticing quite a reoccurrence of pain and went right in to Dr. Bradford. He treated me for the pain with the cold laser, and even though it wasn’t complete relief, the pain was about ¼ of what it was before I went in.

I am so pleased with the strength that I have regained in my back, and the endurance that I now have. I am happy to recommend this cold laser treatment and Dr. Bradford to any one I talk with. He has made a big difference in the quality of my life. Thanks Dr. Bradford for your care and concern.

- S.D.

I decided to go see Dr. Bradford because of my seasonal allergies. He treated me for pollen, grass, trees, flowers, etc. Just recently, I was at the park with my niece. After an hour or so of rolling around in the grass, I realized that I was not itchy, I did not break out in hives, I did not have itchy eyes or a runny nose, and there was no sneezing! I have been outside a lot since and still no problems! It is amazing. I totally recommend these allergy treatments to anyone that has allergies. It has made a huge difference.

- A.A.

Precision Chiropractic and Wellness Testimonials

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