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Ogden Therapy - Let our team of experts treat your pain with specialized care.

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Ogden Therapy


Thank you for visiting our Techniques page, where we are pleased to offer you an informed overview of the distinctive services Ogden chiropractic therapy can offer. Since each doctor's area of expertise and interest can vary, it is vital to launch a comprehensive search for pain relief. Begin with chiropractic treatment in Ogden. Our Techniques page was created to offer you a wealth of information pertaining to chiropractic treatment in Ogden — resources that should ease your level of comfort as you begin care with us.

Chiropractic treatment in Ogden includes spinal adjustments, but also the incorporation of other, less-obvious adjustments, as well. These less-obvious Ogden therapy adjustments include integrating healthful lifestyle practices. Through the specific lifestyle choices addressed in Ogden therapy, your health will take a turn for the better — in the short run and also for the long haul.

Precision Chiropractic and Wellness, and Dr. Tyson Bradford, DC, look to make connections between the obvious Ogden therapy hands-on spinal adjustments and more subtle lifestyle changes, creating a balanced and comprehensive pathway to recovery. In order to allow patients to work toward their own Ogden therapy goals, we provide them with supplementary information about chiropractic treatment in Ogden. A continued effort allows for improved results. We have chosen to list, in detail, each of the treatments and services offered at our office because we care about the long-term promotion of Ogden therapy.

Our impeccable standard of practice is the direct result of this attention to detail, and we're genuinely proud to share Ogden therapy with you. We are confident that our Techniques page will prove to be reliable and comprehensive. If you are left with any questions about chiropractic treatment in Ogden, please do not hesitate to let your voice be heard. Contact us and we'll happily provide you with any further information.

Our Ogden therapy associates would love to hear any feedback you have that might enable us to provide better chiropractic services. So, why wait? Call our Ogden therapy providers at Precision Chiropractic and Wellness now and receive chiropractic treatment in Ogden right away. We hope to see you soon, so that you can experience the best chiropractic treatment in Ogden.

Chiropractic Treatment in Ogden

Activator Method

This section of the website describes the Ogden Activator Method and its use on patients throughout the chiropractic world. The Activator Method in Ogden is a low-force technique that has become the most widely used form of therapy in today's Ogden chiropractic clinics...
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In the absence of dedicated therapeutic adjustment, the rapid stretching of joints can be quite painful. Ogden chiropractor, Dr. Tyson Bradford, DC, and his dedicated staff at Precision Chiropractic and Wellness are experts in adjusting in Ogden, and have the skills to guide you without unnecessary pain. Ogden adjusting can help you safely and completely eradicate your troubles with back pain...
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Applied Kinesiology

Welcome to the Ogden Applied Kinesiology page. Through this page, we hope to bring you closer to an understanding of just what Ogden Applied Kinesiology is and our Ogden chiropractor at Precision Chiropractic and Wellness use it in their treatment. Using Applied Kinesiology in Ogden, Dr. Tyson Bradford, DC, is able to understand and address core issues that affect the entire body of patients...
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Diversified Technique

There are a number of different Ogden chiropractic techniques used to treat patients with spinal ailments and other chiropractic conditions. Most of the time, multiple methods of treatment are used to reach optimal healing. The Diversified Technique in Ogden is available with Dr. Tyson Bradford, DC, at Precision Chiropractic and Wellness as a means to get rid of any back pain...
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Laser Therapy

Lasers (light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation) are beams of light which come from the electromagnetic spectrum. Laser beams, unlike conventional light forms, only travel in one direction. The use of Ogden laser therapy can be an effective method of treating your body and healing pain...
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