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Ogden Chiropractic Articles

Sleep Restfulness: Identifying the Best Mattress and Pillow

We all know the feeling. Staying up all night in bed, dreaming of the shuteye you are not getting. Figures reveal that above 40 percent of Americas grapple with falling asleep or experience some form of a sleeping affliction...>>More

A Spinal Condition Known as Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition that afflicts approximately 5 to 7 million Americans. Scoliosis is a disorder in which the spine curves sideways. It is sometimes exacerbated by lordosis (curving of the spine inward) or kyphosis (curving of the spine outward...)>>More

Workplace Ergonomics: Working in a Comfortable Environment

Most Americans spend at least 40 hours a week sitting in an office in front of a computer. This doesn’t even include the time spent at home on your personal laptop or desktop. Eventually, many will start to experience certain chronic conditions like neck or back pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, poor posture...>>More

Ogden Chiropractic Articles