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Ogden Health

The primary focus of our work at Precision Chiropractic and Wellness, as Ogden health care experts, is to quickly mollify your pain and get you feeling better. This is just the beginning of our care with our Ogden health professionals. We, then, educate you about the steps you need to take toward sustaining your wellness in Ogden by providing the tools you'll need to take control of your health. Your Ogden chiropractor, Dr. Tyson Bradford, DC, takes pride in providing the necessary tools to allow everyone in the region good chiropractic health and wellness in Ogden.

Once given our information on Ogden health issues, it is our hope that your awareness of wellness in Ogden — in addition to your susceptibility to injury and sickness — will dramatically change for the better. They say knowledge is power. We are confident that with the comprehensive, individualized care and education, you will feel empowered by the knowledge of your Ogden health concerns and the issues you personally have or are likely to face.

Though dedicated to natural means of healing and maintaining well-being, we at Precision Chiropractic and Wellness, experts of wellness in Ogden, also recognize the efficacy of standard medical care. We work toward the uncommon balance of therapy and therapist in reaching our aim: to ensure the sustained health of our patients, as well as the general wellness in the Ogden community. Then, what do we mean by wellness? What does it mean to experience wellness in Ogden? Who can be said to be truly well, in today's highly charged medical culture?

The merits and drawbacks of different healthcare modalities are endlessly debatable — even by chiropractic practitioners. The primary difference between wellness care and standard medical options is that the latter turns to extra-bodily agents like chemical treatments, i.e., medicine and surgery, whereas wellness care relies on the body's own abilities for restoring health and balance.

While each approach has their rightful place within the medical arena, your Ogden health care provider understands that when the body is working properly, it tends to heal itself effectively, anyway. It can be said that our goal as your Ogden health care experts is a lofty one, but no matter what it takes, we are committed to promoting wellness in Ogden, and even the county, to the very best of our abilities.

Wellness in Ogden

Allergy elimination
Allergy elimination

How can we eliminate your allergies? At our Ogden chiropractic clinic, we use the Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) to get rid of your allergies. What is an allergy? An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity to one, or more, substances causing an adverse physical, physiological, or emotion response. What symptoms or conditions are related to a substance to which I am allergic to...
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Auto Accident Care
Auto Accident Care

Nearly everyone faces an accident-related injury at some point their life. Many of these accidents are directly related to driving, as many chiropractors can attest to. Luckily, these accidents are preventable. Every 11 seconds in the United States, a car accident occurs; every 12 minutes there's an accident that results in death...
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Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic Care

Low-back pain afflicts up to 90% of Americans at some point in their lifetimes, and at our Ogden chiropractic care office, at Precision Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Tyson Bradford, DC, can offer a solution to your pain. Several approaches to chiropractic care in Ogden have been developed over the years, yet unfortunately, the most widespread way of dismissing the pain is the use of a pain reliever. This helps the pain to magically disappear for awhile...
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Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling

The American Chiropractic Council on Nutrition (ACA Council on Nutrition) — as well as Precision Chiropractic and Wellness — promote the implementation of nutritional counseling in conjunction with a patient's Ogden chiropractic regimen. Our goal of nutritional counseling in Ogden is to help you quicken your recovery and improve your health with even greater efficiency and success...
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Rehabilitation Exercises
rehabilitative Exercises

Ogden rehabilitative exercises are spreading in both effectiveness and practice. The results of using rehabilitative exercises in Ogden can benefit not only the patients, but also the chiropractors and the entire Ogden chiropractic experience in general. What exactly are Ogden rehabilitative exercises and how do they help you improve your health? The basic explanations of rehabilitative exercises in Ogden are outlined in detail below, so read on...

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Sports Injury Care
Sports Injury Care

Given the rigor of our citywide athletic programs, caring for your sports injury can be a consuming activity. The types of Ogden sports injury care are varied, and a sports injury may strike anyone, even if the person does not play many sports. If you have unfortunately experienced a sports injury and are experiencing pains, do not despair...

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Wellness in Ogden